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The Rev. Sarah Condon

Sarah Condon: Our Low Meets His High

Luke 24:13-25

3rd Sunday of Easter - Year A

April 30, 2017

The Rev. Sarah Condon (TEC)


This Gospel lesson from St. Luke can feel like a failed trial run for Christian witness. The disciples encounter Undercover Jesus on the road to Emmaus. And when he asks them what they are discussing, they tell Jesus about himself. Only, it's not exactly the testimony our Risen Lord was hoping for.

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The Rev. Canon David W. Lovelace

"Therefore, Go..."

Luke 10:1-11,16-20

7th Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

July 03, 2016

The Rev. Canon David Lovelace (TEC)


Jesus sent out seventy people in pairs empowering them to bring peace, to cure the sick and to proclaim the kingdom of God. Initially, he sent them to every town and village where he intended to go, saying, "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few...." I believe this particular story in the life of Jesus and the early Christian Church has implications for our own communities of faith today.

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Other Recent Content About Witness

The Rev. Robin Wilson Transcript

August 03, 2014

For Such a Time as This

The Rev. Robin Wilson (UMC)

The Rev. Robin Wilson characterizes Esther as one "believed in her God while existing in a world that seemed faithless." As Esther courageously stood up for her people despite the threat of death, we can learn from her example in listening to Mordecai and stepping out in faith.
The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb Transcript

June 15, 2014

The Great Omission

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb (UMC)

Dr. Charley Reeb explores Jesus' Great Commission, and offers a challenge to us today to make it a passionate part of our life mission to make disciples of Christ.
The Rev. Dr. Randall K. Bush Transcript

April 22, 2012

Serious Stories

The Rev. Dr. Randall Bush (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Randy Bush focuses on the post-resurrection appearance of Jesus with the disciples in Luke 24, and shows us how the reality of Easter influences every aspect of our life even now.
The Rev. Peter W. Marty Transcript

August 21, 2011

Do You Love Jesus?

The Rev. Peter Marty (ELCA)

Talking about Jesus as an idea is a far cry from trusting your life to Jesus, and believing in the concept of God doesn't begin to compare with actually knowing God. Peter Marty calls for a bone-rattling passion for following Christ.
The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel Transcript

July 24, 2011

The Stand-In Church

The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel (UCC)

Sometimes we need to be prepared to "stand in" for church in the lives of those who are hurting, sharing our testimony with the grieving, calling out that we have seen light in the midst of darkness.
The Rev. Joe Evans Transcript

July 10, 2011

The Sower's Lesson

The Rev. Joseph Evans (PCUSA)

The goal of the sower in Jesus' parable (Matthew 13) was simply to sow seed, and to many he seems careless and wasteful. As followers of Christ, how are we sowing the seeds of our faith?
The Rev. Hardy Kim Transcript

May 29, 2011

Young Leaders Series V: Proclaiming Christ in the New Areopagus

The Rev. Hardy Kim (PCUSA)

In the final part of our Young Leaders of the Church Series, the Rev. Hardy Kim takes us back to ancient Athens, Greece, where the apostle Paul shows us how to engage the culture of the day.

The Rev. James Ellis III Transcript

May 22, 2011

Young Leaders Series IV: Better Than Hippo Testimony

The Rev. James Ellis, III (CBF)

In the fourth part of our Young Leaders of the Church series, the Rev. James Ellis III looks at the testimony of Stephen when he was stoned, and draws implications for our own witness in the world.