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Recent Day1 Transcripts

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith Transcript

August 19, 2012

Living Bread

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Smith (ELCA)

In his sermon on Jesus the Living Bread (John 6:51-58), the Rev. Dr. Tim Smith shares an experience he had in a Liberian village which taught him a lesson about living our faith fearlessly.
The Rev. Juan Huertas Transcript

August 12, 2012

Sharing in the Life of Jesus

The Rev. Juan Huertas (UMC)

In his sermon on John 6:35,41-51, the Rev. Juan Huertas says, Those of us who claim Christ as our Lord find ourselves being fed by Christ's own presence, and it is in that feeding that we are participants in the divine life.
The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles Transcript

August 05, 2012

In Repair

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles suggests that Paul's teaching in Ephesians 4:1-16 can lead us into experiencing our churches as a safe place where a Spirit-fueled give and take in life can occur, where we can equip and encourage one another to stretch and grow in our faith, repair our brokenness, and restore our lives.
The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles Transcript

July 29, 2012

Our Vast and Loving God

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles explores Ephesians 3:14-21 and finds that many of us have a limited understanding of who God is and how God works in our lives. But Paul's prayer here can guide us into relationship with our vast and loving God.
The Rev. Canon David W. Lovelace Transcript

July 22, 2012

An Invitation You Will Not Want to Refuse

The Rev. Canon David Lovelace (TEC)

In this high-tech world, hearing Jesus' invitation to "come away and rest for a while" is very appealing. The Rev. Canon David Lovelace explains why that is so important and how we can experience more spiritual connectedness with ourselves, others, and the planet.
The Rev. Beth Birkholz Transcript

July 15, 2012

David's Dance

The Rev. Beth Birkholz (ELCA)

In her sermon on 2 Samuel 6, the Rev. Beth Birkholz explains that the realization of God's presence and power has to do with respect, but also rejoicing--and David felt compelled to dance before God in joy.
The Rev. Anthony Robinson Transcript

July 08, 2012

Buying the Ticket

The Rev. Anthony Robinson (UCC)

In Mark 6:1-13, the Rev. Anthony Robinson points out that Jesus experiences failure in his hometown, but those he sends out two by two to minister achieve success, and draws illuminating conclusions about this contrast for our life.
The Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway Transcript

July 01, 2012

Taking Jesus Seriously

The Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway takes a look at the story within the story of Mark 5:21-43, and discovering that God has a way of transforming dismissive laughter into tears of joy, and skepticism into speechless amazement.
The Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway Transcript

June 24, 2012

Does Jesus Care?

The Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway (PCUSA)

In his sermon on Mark 4:35-41, the Rev. Dr. Lewis Galloway says the disciples do not yet understand that the one who loves them is Lord, not only of their lives but even the wind and waves. Jesus cares, but that doesn't mean we won't go through stormy times.
The Rev. Dr. Davis Chappell Transcript

June 17, 2012

Street Preaching

The Rev. Dr. Davis Chappell (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Davis Chappell suggests that we can learn a lot about how we communicate the Good News in our culture by studying how the Apostle Paul spoke to the Athenians in ancient Greece about their "unknown god."