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Recent Day1 Transcripts

The Rev. Dr. Ronald Peters Transcript

October 09, 2011

The Uriah Factor

The Rev. Dr. Ronald Peters (PCUSA)

There is a character in the Bible who is often overlooked--a person of faith in God and integrity in every area of life: Uriah the Hittite.
The Rev. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker Transcript

October 02, 2011

How Do We Get to Holy?

The Rev. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker (PCUSA)

In light of Paul's teaching in Philippians, the Rev. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker explores the question, how do we get to holy? And discovers we may already be there.
The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell Transcript

September 25, 2011

Is the Lord Among Us Or Not?

The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell (UMC)

Exodus 17 says the Israelites put God to the test, and God doesn't seem to mind. Is the Lord among us or not? God seems to welcome the challenge--God loves hard questions and doubts, says James Howell.
The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell Transcript

September 18, 2011

Small and White, Clean and Bright

The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell (UMC)

What does God's provision of manna to the murmuring Israelites in the wilderness tell us about our relationship with God? Quite a lot, as James Howell explains.
Dr. Courtney Cowart Transcript

September 11, 2011

An Exhortation to Forgiveness

Dr. Courtney Cowart (TEC)

On the tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Dr. Courtney Cowart--a 9/11 survivor and volunteer--offers an exhortation to forgive.
The Rev. Richard J. Aguilar Transcript

September 04, 2011

To Build a Community of Grace

The Rev. Richard Aguilar (TEC)

In his meditation on Jesus' teaching about handling problems in the church, the Rev. Richard Aguilar helps us grasp what it means to become and build a community of grace as disciples of Christ.
The Rev. Peter W. Marty Transcript

August 28, 2011

Trusting God to Settle Scores

The Rev. Peter Marty (ELCA)

In Paul's to-do list for Christians in community, he urges us to live peaceably. In order to do that, we must turn over our feelings of revenge to God and live in harmony.
The Rev. Peter W. Marty Transcript

August 21, 2011

Do You Love Jesus?

The Rev. Peter Marty (ELCA)

Talking about Jesus as an idea is a far cry from trusting your life to Jesus, and believing in the concept of God doesn't begin to compare with actually knowing God. Peter Marty calls for a bone-rattling passion for following Christ.
The Rev. Susan Sparks Transcript

August 14, 2011

The Mulch Pile

The Rev. Susan Sparks (ABCUSA)

In Colossians 3, the Apostle Paul asks us what trash do we need to throw on the mulch pile, and what beautiful new things will we grow in its place?
The Rev. Susan Sparks Transcript

August 07, 2011

So You're a Christian? Whattaya Gonna Do About It?

The Rev. Susan Sparks (ABCUSA)

As TV mobster Tony Soprano might put it, "So you're a Christian? Whattaya gonna do about it?" Some Christians do nothing. Others take a middle of the road approach. Susan Sparks encourages us to go "all in" and truly follow Christ.