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Recent Day1 Transcripts

The Rev. Anne Robertson Transcript

October 07, 2018

Anne Robertson: The Real Question of Job

The Rev. Anne Robertson (UMC)

The Rev. Anne Robertson says the real question of Job is: Why are good people good in the first place? The whole test of the book is Satan trying to prove that integrity and faith will vanish, even from a totally blameless and faithful person, once the reward of a happy and healthy life is removed. Whether or not Satan is right is the fundamental question of Job. So what does that mean for us?
The Rev. Talitha Arnold Transcript

September 30, 2018

Talitha Arnold: "Longing for Cucumbers"

The Rev. Talitha Arnold (UCC)

The Rev. Talitha Arnold says the Israelites weren't starving. Their cry for melons and leeks and cucumbers was really a longing for home, or at least the taste of home. Two years earlier their life had been turned upside down—for the better to be sure—but still it’s hard to cope with such a radical life change. They thought they wanted to go back, but really they were longing for a place to call home now.
The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth Transcript

September 23, 2018

Dock Hollingsworth: The War of the Cravings

The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth shows us that first century Christians were just as greedy, lustful, and ambitious as we can be. And the writer of James addresses the common everyday sins that might look harmless enough, but are the true thieves of human happiness and congregational unity.
The Rev. Magrey deVega Transcript

September 16, 2018

Magrey deVega: Tame Your Tongue

The Rev. Magrey deVega (UMC)

In his unforgettably practical sermon, the Rev. Magrey deVega presents and explains "The Top Ten Tongue Twisters that Talk about Taming the Tongue," based on James 3:1-12.
The Rev. Dr. Noel Schoonmaker Transcript

September 09, 2018

Noel Schoonmaker: Faith That Works

The Rev. Dr. Noel Schoonmaker (CBF)

Dr. Noel Schoonmaker tells us that when James says in effect, "What good is faith without works, what good is Christian belief without Christian behavior?" the answer is, none at all. James isn’t just questioning the usefulness of faith without works, he’s questioning the validity of it. And James is very clear about what he means by 'works.'
The Rev. Dr. Noel Schoonmaker Transcript

September 02, 2018

Noel Schoonmaker: Doers of the Word

The Rev. Dr. Noel Schoonmaker (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Noel Schoonmaker points out in his sermon on James 1 that we are not Christians because we hear the word of God, or mentally affirm it’s true, but because we believe in Jesus Christ, who was the Word of God himself. And that Word of God become flesh in Christ healed the sick, touched the outcast, cuddled children, and overturned temple furniture.
The Rev. Maxwell Grant Transcript

August 26, 2018

Maxwell Grant: Beyond the Panic Room

The Rev. Maxwell Grant (UCC)

In his sermon, the Rev. Max Grant says we live in a 'panic room world,' and there’s no disputing that these are fearful times for many. But we resist the idea of the church as a shelter, because it diminishes our sense of church as a sanctuary, a place that’s set apart, a place that stands for something different than the vicissitudes of life, even when they get scary.
The Rev. Maxwell Grant Transcript

August 19, 2018

Maxwell Grant: "Precarious Wisdom"

The Rev. Maxwell Grant (UCC)

The Rev. Max Grants says Solomon becomes a great king after asking for wisdom, but it turns out he isn’t entirely a good person. He focuses so much on the getting that he no longer got understanding… and as a result, a few short years after Solomon’s death much of what he had achieved was gone for good. Which shows us that getting wisdom is not a once-and-for-all kind of thing.
Dr. Diana Butler Bass Transcript

August 12, 2018

Diana Butler Bass: Bread Enough for All

Dr. Diana Butler Bass (TEC)

In her message on John 6, Dr. Diana Butler Bass says that bread is both real food and spiritual food in the age to come… and in the same way that actual bread is transformed by air, so the bread of Jesus is transformed by the Spirit.
The Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell Transcript

August 05, 2018

Susan Cartmell: What Have You Done?

The Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell (UCC)

Dr. Susan Cartmell says the story of David and Bathsheba is about abuse, not an act of passion but abuse of power, and abuse of power is a pattern, not a single mistake. David’s debacle started with a single glance, and he kept falling down a slippery slope until Nathan the prophet sets him straight.