On our website you can access many years' worth of content from the Protestant Hour and Day1 radio programs--sermon transcripts, audio podcasts, videos, and more. However, the vast archives of the Protestant Radio & Television Center (PRTVC)--the forerunner of this organization--are currently inaccessible and deteriorating rapidly. Currently housed in the Peabody Collection at the University of Georgia library, we are planning to restore these valuable media resources and make them available to you through our website.

This could be among the largest collections of religious media in the United States, offering a window into the soul of America over the last 60-plus years. The archives' extensive content, in addition to the award-winning Protestant Hour programs, will be of interest to pastors, scholars, seminarians, homiletics professors, and lay persons. Christian educators will find these resources helpful for formation programs in parishes and schools.

The breadth of topics discussed in this half-century of recordings presents a particularly exciting opportunity. Imagine the great preachers of the 1940s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s speaking on the issues of the times: communism, materialism, the Vietnam conflict, the drug culture, gender equality, sexual liberation, new technologies, ethics and morality. The restored collection will provide a theological window into the last half of the Twentieth Century and can make a substantive impact on the Twenty-first and the lives of new generations of people of faith. 

We need your financial support to make this massive restoration project possible. Please email us or call 404-815-0640 for more information, or make a tax-deductible donation below. Thank you for your support!


Archive Restoration Project from Peter Wallace on Vimeo.

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