Kester Brewin

Kester Brewin  is the author of Other: Loving Self, God and Neighbor in a World of Fractures (Seabury Books). It has been has been hailed by Phyllis Tickle as 'quite simply a brilliant work,' and by Peter Rollins as 'a work of rare beauty.'

Author of the popular book Signs of Emergence (published in the UK as The Complex Christ), Brewin is a founding member of Vaux-London, a collective of artists and faithful urban dwellers that served as an early model of fresh expressions of church in the UK.

Kester teaches Mathematics in London and works as a consultant for the BBC, as well as writing for the national educational press. He is also an acclaimed poet and has been described by Brian McLaren as 'one of the leading public theologians for a new generation of thoughtful Christians.'  

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Kester Brewin: On Loving Self (An Excerpt from "Other")

Tuesday June 14, 2011
Self consciousness, an appreciation of who we are and what flows and fields make up our life, will inevitably lead to our desire to see the flows of others unblocked and running free, whether this means lifting them out of poverty or releasing them into artistic practice.