Gray Matter on the Faith Journey

Too often and very sadly, much of Christian religion has become a matter of articulating theological concepts in a way that is intellectually indefensible, not to mention psychologically damaging.

Much of my blog will involve my best attempts to revisit classical Christian theological concepts and re-imagine them for our time. I look forward to sharing this space with you and conversing about how we take the good wine of Jesus' vision and program and package it in some new wineskins! 

For me, those new wineskins must be intellectually honest and psychologically healthy.  So, that means that it is essential that followers of Jesus articulate a message that involves plenty of gray matter and plenty of soul! 

I hope that I will say some things that will resonate with you.  And, if I'm doing my job, I suspect that I will say some things that will make you think or even disquiet you.  Nothing less than the future of the Church is at stake in all of this, so I hope that if I do create any disquiet, it's disquiet with a meaningful purpose.