Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Noisy Spring"

Amen, Pastor Buchanan!

You have helped us to see that seeds when planted eventually grow!  Denver endured three years of a hard-surfaced Ballantine, but it seems that Ballantine endured much more--discovering God's forgiveness.  As a pastor, I was once asked by a man if I could save him, to which I responded "No, but God can!"  I will never forget how he stared as in disbelief, but I believe a seed was planted.

I don't believe many have Denver's capacity to be called names for three years, but I do believe that it took that long to soften the surface of Mr. Ballantine--not many are so gifted and patient as that.  Yet, in this I have been reminded afresh that Jesus will "stick" with us closer than a brother or sister during our noisy Spring. Perhaps the noises we make are cries for someone to care enough that we might notice.  Not unlike Isaiah discovered in the temple, our unclean lips and lives can be cleansed of sin only by God--God is faithful!   It seems that it is not when we come to know, but that we come to know. Thanks, Pastor Buchanan, for helping us to see that our dissonant growls can lead to discovery of God's grace and mercy!  Thanks Day1 for the lift!

--Ozzie Smith


UPDATE from Dr. Billy Cox:

In her inspiring sermon, Dr. Buchanan affirms once again that a lot of patient TLC frequently goes a long way in turning a hopeless situation into something good, beautiful and useful. Jesus did! So can we. It's like the song, "What the world needs now is love sweet love..."     

--Billy Cox