Dr. Ozzie Smith on "The Sleeping Jesus"

The Rev. Dr. Ozzie Smith, Jr. offers his reflection on this week's Day1 sermon by the Rev. Sarah Jackson Shelton, "The Sleeping Jesus."

Amen Rev. Shelton!  The fear of the storm and the Christ are aptly lifted in this message.  It still amazes me that there are yet too many church folk so fearful of Christ that they would rather leave than love.  That a church would have to have countless meetings to consider membership of persons of color sounds so ridiculous now!  However, all one needs to do is travel back to consider the tenor of those times--fear made people hate what they had named and misunderstood through racism.

Rev. Shelton boldly revisits a storm whose wake is somewhat Katrina-esque--we're getting there glacially!  It is a wake in which we live, but yet a problem we live with!  Moreover, when I hear the likes of some politicians term the current administration as Obama-oppression, my blood boils and a storm still brews within.  Nevertheless, I believe and call on the sleeping Jesus in my own spirit to calm that rage--only he can do that!  I too must remember that this is not all about ME! 

I thank God for Rev. Shelton's bold sharing of a storm that is yet with us--quiet but somewhat howling.  Thanks, Day1, for a powerful lift!

--Ozzie Smith


This is a powerful sermon by Dr. Shelton. The sleeping Jesus, in each of us, is just waiting to be aroused from his slumber, and invited to get up, get out, and get going. A long sleep is so peaceful, yet, nothing gets done. Thanks Sarah.  

--Billy Cox