Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Strong in the Broken Places"

Dr. Ozzie Smith offers a response to this week's Day1 sermon by the Rev. Dr. Robert Franklin, "Strong in the Broken Places."

Amen Dr. Franklin!  Thanks for telling the story of our country from infancy to the uncertain now.  Yet we are stronger because of what we've been through as we yet are going through.  The vase illustration is priceless--it lets us know that our cracked places are golden points of reference that hold us together.  The garment of destiny is inseparable.  As Susan Taylor of Essence magazine said recently, "pain is information."  Our pain eventually becomes gain through the struggle and healing strides beyond the struggle.


Independence Day does not mean the same all over the world, but has a special meaning to most Americans.  Admittedly, it was celebrated at my home simply because it was my father's birthday.  Yet, I have come around to understand that though I don't celebrate independence from England, I do celebrate becoming freer in America.  Not unlike Joseph, God has made me fruitful in the very place of my ancestors' misfortunes.  Because of God, I am stronger and wiser than my younger and much angrier self.  God has removed those shackles and enabled me to see that we all are loved by God even if sometimes we behave as confused friends--not enemies.  This message truly tells the story!  Thanks, Dr. Franklin, for a such a rich and inspiring message!  Thanks Day1 for the lift!



Ozzie Smith