Dr. Ozzie Smith on "RSVP to Jesus"

Dr. Ozzie Smith responds to this week's Day1 sermon by the Rev. Sharon Hiers, "RSVP to Jesus".

Amen, Rev. Hiers!  RSVP is a painting worth pausing to see.  Mark 6 reads like a present-day newscast on many things about Jesus and the disciples.  Their coming to tell about their travels and teaching must have been an eager moment. 

However, Jesus invitation to rest is timely.  I wonder if they were somewhat annoyed that he seemed to ignore the progress report?  Yet they did do as he suggested but were immediately swamped by that hungry crowd--there was no rest to be taken but there was intent to rest. 

This is key to understanding that while we rest there will still be needs to be filled.  There is an old saying, "No rest for the weary" perhaps this text raises this--REST IS IMPORTANT for caregivers!  The resting place becomes an impromptu restaurant when the people sit and the disciples do as Jesus says.  Jesus provides what is needed in the rest stop--even when that rest is interrupted. 

Thanks Rev Hiers for the Word and portrait on rest.  Thanks Day1 for the lift.

--Ozzie Smith

Update from the Rev. Billy Cox:

Relaxing with great music or taking a casual walk with a loved one or friend has a way of spiritually refreshing the mind and body. Private prayer will do the same. It's all in the head. Thanks, Peter and Sharon. Great job.

Billy Cox