Sharing Our Resources

Loaves and FishesYou know, it seems that a lot of folks in our privileged nation fall into the capitalist trap of believing that its every-person for themselves and that each person gets according to their effort and initial resources.  All boot-straps, suck it up and deal, your poverty is your own fault.  

But as Christians we are called to see the world of resources quite differently.   Jesus sees and feels the need of the masses, and recognizes one small portion of food – which is multiplied and give to all. Not multiplied and given back only to the original owner of the resource but with love and immense compassion given to ALL gathered in faith around the liberator, the savior, the justice seeking – water troubling Jesus Christ.

What did Jesus say and more importantly what did He do? – Well he sure didn't say  they didn't bring what they need so tough luck.  He did NOT say they are lazy or drunk or the dregs of society so they shall go hungry while the boy who planned well, invested in the fishing and baking trades, supported the local economy and the GNP shall eat well.  No indeed, he summoned what would be abundance for one and made it abundance for ALL gathered!  And once nourished in body they were open to being nourished in spirit.  Jesus clearly recognized the fundamental needs of the mortal body, the society to which he brought his message and healing.  A body sustained and cared for contains soul no longer held back by hunger that can be lifted to new heights.  What bodies out there need care – real, practical care that once at peace can see a higher peace – the peace of Jesus?

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