Dr. Ozzie Smith on "The Thunk, the Gap, and the Six A's"

Dr. Ozzie Smith responds to this week's Day1 sermon, "The Thunk, the Gap, and the Six A's" by the Rev. Mark Sargent.

Amen, Rev. Sargent! What a creative title to a powerful message of hope for the church universal. I too have encountered church-injured people who have been made to think they were just "wrong" and "bad" for being wrong. I believe it was Howard Thurman who suggested that to be "mistaken" is a kinder way of looking at "wrong." Thurman seemed to believe that the beauty of life is that we all can be "mistaken" at times--otherwise we would be--PERFECT! I am reminded of Dana Carver's character "Church Lady," a caricature of a sneering, righteous, "church-type." I have certainly known the type as a youngster and grew up in a church that adamantly discouraged female clergy.

The image of unfolding that falls victim to hurtful teaching is powerful--it is akin to kneading dough while sprinkling in the flour. Some flour can be saturated with "little" bugs that ruin the dough. This message helps me to wonder about the legion of unfolding that has been crushed by church-wounding--unfolding is such a tender time.

We will be astonished at the pushback of such extravagant welcoming talk like that! The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Sanhedrin are yet among us--recruitment has been aggressive since the crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus' extravagant welcome astonished and angered most people, but he did not allow himself to be owned or managed by that outrage. Knowing and remembering that one is made in the image of God exceeds basic membership orientation. "This day, you will be with me in Paradise," is the door which swings both ways and is not locked and loaded with lethal and hurled words that harm the ears and lives of unfolding strangers.

Thanks, Rev. Sargent, for a prophetic and envelope- pushing Word! Thanks Day1 for the lift!

--Ozzie Smith