Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Out of the Depths"

The Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith Jr. responds to this week's Day1 sermon, "Out of the Depths" by the Rev. Benno Pattison.

Amen, Rev. Pattison on "Out of the Depths!"  This message sent me back to 1976 at my uncle's grave side hearing my grandmother say, "Lord, I wish it had been me!"

Admittedly, I found her words curious and discomforting--I was not a parent then.  Now, a widower with three children, I hear the depths of my grandmother's words better now.  I hear David as well--out from beneath our gut theology come moans and groans that defy explanation--pain is information, as Susan Taylor suggests. We know nothing else to do but call on God--only God can deal with such depth.

The illustration of kids on parade underscores how depth can be confusing for those riding the surface of life, but this message beckons our attention to deposit depth sounds of joy and pain into our days.  Not out of hopelessness or reckless abandon, but to know that God hears groans and audible grins.  God is faithful and none of these will catch God by surprise!  Depth is certain of its certainty and deep does call unto deep.  Thanks Rev. Pattison for a great Word!  Thanks Day1 for the lift!

--Ozzie Smith