Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Words of Eternal Life"

Dr. Ozzie Smith offers a reflection on this week's Day1 sermon by the Rev. Dr. David Lose, "Words of Eternal Life."

Amen, Rev Lose! A good and honest Word on the reality of discipleship and the difficulty in always hearing and doing it! John 6 calls us to listen up and live. Jesus asking the twelve if they also wanted to "leave" is revealing. I recall a pastor suggesting that it is not that some cannot believe, some just don't want to and will not believe. In a perfect world yes, but in this one, no!

Rev Lose's sermon title seems to capture the fact that regardless of the skeptics, outright dismissals, and LWOTs (left without teachings) these are the words of eternal life in Christ. Christ knew them to be truth and was unapologetic in sharing them. Someone suggested that Pilate's question to Jesus, "What is truth?" eliminated the need for further discussion. To be in the presence of truth and still require proof of ID reveals the militancy of a shrill and artful dodge akin to those dismissive of a need for health care for all. Yet Christ stood and stands as truth enfleshed in the love of God--eternal and yet ready to rise again! There is no expiration date on eternal life!

Thanks Rev Lose for the WORD! Thanks Day1 for the lift!

--Ozzie Smith


UPDATE from the Rev. Dr. Billy Cox:

Out on the main thoroughfare and down the street from my subdivision, Christ Lutheran Church always has interesting and inspiring brief word messages on their  lawn's bulletin board. The message for some days now, reads, "Be Imitators of God". On first reading this message, one cannot help but say, that is really a tall order. Who can do such a thing?


And yet, I have known scores of dedicated, saintly lay persons in my lifetime who have done exactly that very thing. They have impressed me as being "Imitators of God". I think of Miss Bertha, the blind lady in her little North Georgia Mountain Church, who was a real charmer. Blind from birth, single and living with other family members, Miss Bertha was a joy to be around. She was a great housekeeper, a wonderful cook, especially her coconut cakes, and a devoted Christian, plus being a zealous and an active church member. In spite of her blindness, Miss Bertha's spirit of sheer optimism and joy, was fairly contagious.


One could not help but walk away from the presence of this wonderful Christian lady, feeling that he or she had just been permitted to experience the "Living Word" or the very presence of the Lord himself.


The Divine Presence of the One who is above all and in all is there, just for the seeing, the accepting and the following. The words from the old gospel song, "Open my eyes that I may see", if permitted to do so, ring true to this very day.


Thanks Dr. Lose for your inspiring sermon, and thanks to Peter Wallace and the dedicated and talented staff at Day1 in Atlanta, Georgia for continuing to bring "The Word" to life for us all.


Billy Cox

Louisville, Kentucky