The Lutherans Too!


When I first learned about the Berlin Wall in high school history class, I was devastated.  The wall went up so quickly.  It separated families from each other.  Every aspect a person's life was determined by what side of the wall he or she happened to be on when the wall was built. 

In 1989, when the wall came down?  It seemed like a miracle...not only that so vivid and real a reminder of the Cold War could be dismantled, but that it could happen so quickly.

One of the great walls in American Christendom is being dismantled even as I type.  First the UCC.  (Still proud to be a UCC clergy member!)  Then the Episcopalians.  Now the Lutherans.  It's as if the Holy Spirit has said, "Churches, take down that wall!"  And in a miracle both of scale and speed, mainline churches are waking up to the reality that the wall that has separated our gay and lesbian members from full inclusion in our churches just doesn't make sense.

The wall is coming down!  And the church is coming out into the light of day, the light of Christ.  Just as Berlin is becoming whole again, so is God's church.

Thanks be to God!