Bible as Divine Reference Book, Pt. 2 (Just for Fun!)

Okay folks, last’s weeks post was a serious attempt to describe the conservative approach to reading Scripture. This week, let’s have a little more fun. In particular, let’s see what can happen when we treat the Bible as a divine reference book, revering it more than we actually read it.

The following link (just copy and paste to your browser) will bring you to an interview Stephen Colbert did with a Congressman who sponsored a bill to hang a copy of the 10 Commandments in courtrooms. As it turns out, though, as committed as the Congressman is to the importance of the 10 Commandments, when pressed he could only name three. (FYI: The clip is 6 minutes long; the actual conversation about the 10 commandments is about 4 minutes in.)

Next week, we’ll turn our attention to a more liberal understanding of the Bible. Don’t worry, after a serious description, we’ll also have some fun.

Colbert link: