Dr. Ozzie Smith on "What God Values in Stewardship"

Amen to Dr. Weimer's message on stewardship!  The widow's offering was a little loud that caught the divine insight of Jesus!  Although I have not been to Kenya, the home of Lydia, I do remember the joy of giving in a small church in Ghana--the people danced to the offering plate with full-faced smiles. When I saw the houses of those same people, I was stunned even more by their glad and generous hearts!  I too believe that little things make loud noises when spirits are genuine, grateful, and generous.


Certainly Jesus had his share of unrelenting critics, but this woman's unashamed giving exceeded the wisdom of the resident know-it-alls.  This woman, although economically challenged, was not economically chained.  She gave with heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Compared to the others whose giving seemed calculated, hers was extraordinarily extravagant!  Her little was loud!  


In these times of little, we too can learn much from this WORD!  Genuine, grateful, and generous leave no room for greed to hide or thrive.  I don't believe that science can back-up the things of God, but rather stumbles upon them instead--the facts have been around since God said let there be!  Thanks Dr. Weimer for a Word of Hope.  Thanks Day 1 for the lift!


--Ozzie Smith