Dr. Ozzie Smith on "A Vision for the City"

Rev Weimer's message "A Vision for the City" is powerful.  He took me to the top floor with that search committee--what an image!  His answer to that chair's question was one of humility--sometimes we need to be still and know that we don't know the answer.  I thank God for the wisdom of that committee in calling him as pastor!  I believe that congregation has experienced that power of being transformed by the works to which they are being called.  Homelessness is a bold reminder to those of us with homes.  The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. once suggested that the words of Jesus and Isaiah if spoken only, make us no more than talking heads without bodies.  There is an efficacy in doing something as opposed to saying everything!  I recently saw a church sign that read, "Get your exercise!  Lift others today!"


This message speaks such that we might remember that living beneath the shadows of tall buildings are humans in need of renewal.  Thanks Rev Weimer for a message of ministry!  Thanks Day 1 for the lift!