Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Uncluttering"

Dr. Ozzie Smith responds to this week's Day1 sermon by Dr. Wiley Stephens.

Amen, Rev Stephens! Uncluttering is probably the last thing that comes to mind during this season! Yet the opening verses in Luke 3 signal a move of God to unclutter the people's ears and minds from the voices of all those leaders named--one crying in that wilderness of ruler-noise attracted crowds. Rev Stephen's take on John's crude way of marketing is powerful--the crowds came to hear this good news in spite of the distance. It is always amazing to consider John's appeal when everything about him was so antithetical to appeal--except his message!

We are called not unlike the wise men, to focus on that star and in so doing we will give gifts that cost us something--our lives of service and making a difference. After doing that we will go home another way! Thanks Rev Stephens for a thought-provoking message on uncluttering--in so doing we truly find what is important--the Messiah! Thanks Day1 for the lift!

Ozzie Smith