Dr. Ozzie Smith on "Christmastide: A Reminder Where Our Hearts Belong"

Amen Rev Thigpen! Enfleshment in the midst of our chaotic and piled-upon world. That theologically positioned Christmas tree powerfully illustrates the potential and possiblity for enfleshment. John's gospel reminds us that such enfleshment came in the midst of darkness that could not overcome it. You have helped us to see that the persons who put the tree there were being also intentional in putting light in the midst of blight. From a place they called home that little tree makes a huge statement. I believe the connection made at the church where they are daily fed contrinuted to that tree being placed there. What an image!

It is so true that the sales followed by Valentine hearts, will soon replace trees, nativity scenes, and pajama gift sharing. It is also interesting that a heart comes after the Christ--but that connection might be hard-pressed beyond its sweetheart intent. Nevertheless, the darkness cannot overcome the light that Jesus brings--even when stolen from the counter-top nativity scene, Christ is still among us. Although a missing piece, not a missing peace! I don't believe your humor was lost on that encounter. I believe your presence to visit a congregant was enfleshment--Christ was not missing, but very present in your being there!

Thanks Rev Thigpen for a powerful reminder of a powerful nativity that cannot be extinguished by after-holiday sales, but continues to nurture our souls. Thanks Day1 for the lift!

Ozzie Smith