Uncrowned Kings

When Jesus perceived that they would come and take Him by force, to make Him a king, He departed again unto a mountain alone. -- John 6:15

What force could a little earthly crown add to the power of Him who a few hours later by a word stilled the storm of the sea? What if they had set Him on a throne and put a crown on His head, how much do you think it would have added to the power and influence He wields in the world today?

When, in the temptation in the wilderness at the outset of His public ministry, the devil sought to allure Jesus from His spiritual Messiahship by offering Him the political kingdoms of this world and the glory of them, He spurned the offer with indignation. To fulfill His divine mission of redemption, Christ did not ask of the world a throne and a crown of gold; all He asked was a cross and a crown of thorns.

Too often we imagine that our influence must necessarily be circumscribed and limited to a narrow sphere, unless the world elevates us to a position of eminence. We attach too much importance to thrones and high positions, to crowns and purple robes, to wealth and social station as instruments of power and influence. Authority, dignity, honors, wealth, and station may put it into the hands of men to be more exemplary and more useful than they could be in an obscure and private life; but independent of these it is possible for one to so live and so serve his fellowmen as to let loose in society beneficent and redeeming influences that will sweep around the world and down through all future ages.

Not all kingly souls wear crowns. And who can tell how much the world owes to these kingly but uncrowned souls? Never mind if providence has placed you among the obscure and unorganized. Get the spirit of Christ in your heart, and in self-forgetfulness let your soul pour itself out in love and kindness and Christly ministries to the people around you, and you can be one of the world's uncrowned kings.