What Do You See In Life?

What is your life? -- James 4:14

Consider this a personal question. What is your life? A shop? A store? A bank? A farm? A place in the world? A social station? A garden of ease and luxury? A plaything? A pleasure pavilion? If life is no more to you than the achieving of such ends, you do not know its true meaning and object; you have not yet found out what you are really here for.

We are not here merely to run stores and factories, to operate farms and business enterprises. These are only our tools. We are not here merely to win place and distinction and power. These are only means to a higher end. We are not here merely for play and sport and pleasure. These are but the recuperatives of life, designed to increase our efficiency for other things. "Our chief end is to become like God and a little to help forward His cause."

Life is a trust from God. It is not given to us to make a plaything of, to be used selfishly. Life is infinitely more than making a living, or making a name, or making an appearance, or making fun, or making a comfortable bed in which to lie. We are here to make ourselves into Godlike beings, and to make ourselves useful. We are here to build character, and to help build a better world. To live selfishly and frivolously, is to live a meaningless life. And a meaningless life is the most tragic sight in this world - a sight that moves all heaven to tears. But there is nothing so beautiful, and so sublime, as a true, noble, purposeful life. Such a life is a benediction to the world, and the supreme joy of God and the angels.

Beyond our earthly existence, we are here to prepare for the life to come. That is the aim and end of all-to make character, to get experience, to learn to use our talents, and thus prepare for the greater life beyond. No man gets to the heart of the mystery of life, or has the key which will enable him to unlock all the doors of divine providence and human experience, unless he comes to this-that it is all meant as training. Unless there is a world beyond, where we shall use the experience and forced which here we make our own, life is an unsolvable riddle.

To see the full meaning and purpose of life, we must see the earthly end of it as a trust from God, as an opportunity for self-improvement and usefulness, as a period of discipline and preparation for something greater yonder. Seeing this, life is blessed and glorious. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN LIFE?