The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow: How Do You Know When You're "Home"?

This week I am attended a continuing education event that I have been part of for almost 15 years. This study group, made of up pastors of color across the generations, is one of the most meaningful times in my life both personally and pastorally.

Part of our gathering is a fellowship time where we check in with one another about life and ministry.  I am inspired every year by the dedication and passion with which young and old bring to this group.  This year one of the questions that we have been reflecting upon is, "What or where do you consider home?"

I posted this question on my Facebook Profile and received some wonderful responses. Folks answered it with many lenses: geography, relationships, faith and everything in between.  You should check it out and add your own understandings of home.

With all the travelling that I have been doing over the past few years, "home" is an interesting question for me.  While home can be based on geography or who is in the room, I keep coming back to the idea that home is where I am reminded to whom I belong. 

  • Home is where I am at my worst and best as a human being: fighting, loving and living the day in and day out of life together.
  • Home is where my most intimate self is known: as a husband, a father and a person struggling to live amidst the complexities of joy, insecurity, gratitude and brokenness. 
  • Home is where I can commune with God with unbridled transparency: singing, laughing, yelling, crying and listening with God.
  • Home is where I know God most deeply.
  • Home is where it is made so abundantly clear that the God I know is the God to whom I belong.

So what or where do you call home?

[Taken with permission from Bruce Reyes-Chow's blog, originally posted 8/12/2010. Follow Bruce on Twitter @breyeschow]

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