Dr. Jim Somerville: Why is my church dying, and what can I do about it?

For the past few months I've been working on a book about how the cultural forces that once pushed people into the church are now pulling them out.  I've "published" it in a on a web site called Issuu.com, and wanted to share the link with you.  I would describe it like this:

"When the Sand Castle Crumbles" is a book for pastors and members of churches that were thriving in the fifties and are now struggling to survive.  It's free, it's online, and you can read it in less than an hour."  

The book grew out of a sermon series I delivered at St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in Richmond over a five-day period, as part of their 2010 Lenten Luncheon series (Jim Forbes, Jack Spong, and Amy Butler were also on the program).  The sermons really seemed to connect with people who are wondering why their church is in decline and what they can do about it.  If you find it useful or helpful, I would be happy for you to share the link with others.

Here it is:

When the Sand Castle Crumbles


For best results, click on the "full screen" option at top left once you get to the web site, and then use the arrow keys at the bottom right of your keyboard to turn the pages.

Thanks for taking a look.


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