Dr. Jamie Jenkins: Expressing Gratitude in 6 Words or Less

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and there is much for which to be grateful! I asked a lot of people to tell me what they were grateful for ... in 6 words or less. Some had difficulty with the requirement of brevity, so I took the liberty to edit where necessary while trying to maintain the integrity of each thought. There were some who submitted more than one six word expression of gratitude. In such cases I chose only one of them.

Most everyone said they are grateful for their families and friends. In addition to family and friends, they are grateful for ...

Bishop Mike Watson - Life, Love, Grace, Family, Friends, Health

Charlie Green - Reunions, renewals, happiness, hope

Bill Britt - Mission teams going where needed

Harold Lawrence - Life's little surprises

Larry and Faith Patton - A full cup that sometimes overflows

Doug Thrasher - Love of God and grandchildren

Quincy Brown - Health, heart, body and soul.

Grady Mosley - High volume laughter from friends

Tim Constien - My God and my church

Chris Barbieri - A loving, supportive wife

Andy Witt - My children's faith when mine lacks

Barbara Waits - Being able to praise God

Bill Burch - My child's voice on the phone

David Naglee - The privilege to serve my Lord

Beth Barnwell - Others who help those less fortunate

Glenn Parrish - Articles and links from "Monday Morning"

Sue Raymond - The ability and willingness to serve

Emory Mulling - Health, prosperity, and church

Jane Finley - People who exemplify God's love

Glenn Ethridge - Faith that colors life with hope

Dave Hinson - The health and freedom to preach

David Campbell - Grace and the opportunity to serve

Anonymous - Days with husband, hours with children

Don Meaders - John, Charles, and Susanna Wesley

Danny Barton - Being a United Methodist pastor

Andrew Peabody - Singing that becomes prayerful praise

Eddie Bradford - God's mercies are new every day

Valerie Harvard - God's presence

Jim Cantrell - Faith, Family and Friends

Mike Cavin - Life lived with Christ

Susan S. Taylor - Tony, Meredith, Lee, and Robin

Bob Winstead - My spouse, children, and grandchildren

Richard Hunter - Quiet mornings on a lake

Keith Lawder - Faith and Freedom

Dan Brown - My family

Susan M. Taylor - God's presence in Christ's disciples' lives

Joanna Shurtz - My country and my work family

Al Stocks - Ship of State that self corrects

Gary Whetstone - Christian connections, collaboration, and constant communion

Steve Schofield - Love that helps us overcome fear

Claudette Bryson - Each moment God gives me

Amy Morgan - Faith, Family, Friends

Jane Brooks - The Church making God's grace real

Joey Hatchell - The giving and receiving of love

Donn Ann Weber - Advent, Bluebonnets, Christmas, Grandma's Dumplings, Easter

Sybil Davidson - Endlessly grateful for my family

Bruce Cooper - A great place to work

Morris Henderson - Grace, Purpose, Opportunity, Consilience, Change, Wisdom

Frank Bernat - God's riches At Christ's expense

Leigh Martin - A toddler's giggle and baby's smile

Mike Shearon - Merciful God and a loving Church

Charles Broome - Grace greater than all our sins

Alice Rogers - God's wonderful world--people, places, experiences

Zach Martin - Churches in communities without suburban growth

Med Roach - God's blessing of healing and health

Tom Davis - Time with my children

David Walters - God's presence with me

Greg Porterfield - To be prayed for

Anonymous - Caller ID

Fred Smoot - Finding Christ in the everyday

Lena Jenkins - Skype webcam moments with grandchildren

Dana Everhart - God's constant mercy and grace

Jim Ellison - Amazing Grace how sweet the sound

Nancy Davis - Real Faith, Real Hope, Real Love

Robin Lindsey - My Lord, country, ministry

Richard Branscomb - Christ, His church, the United States

Clay Jacobs - Unbelievable possibilities that stagger one's imagination

Robert and Alberta Ward - Love

Beth Shugart - Faith, Future, Fellowship, Fun

Guy Kent - The blessing of being thankful

Doug Childers - Patron Saints, ministry partners, God's love

Hank Huckaby - My faith and church

Mathew Pinson - Family and community

Corey Barnwell - My job, my independence, my health

Renita Thomas - So much, especially God's extravagant Love

John Simmons - A loving spouse to love

Steve Wood - The eternal grace of God

Douglas Gilreath - My family's forgiving and embracing love

David Davis - Fellow clergy who truly care

Phil Schroeder - Facebook friends faithfully supporting my family

And I am grateful for all of the people who shared their thoughts with us.

Jamie Jenkins

[Taken with permission from "Monday Morning in North Georgia," Nov. 22, 2010. North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.]