A Christmas Prayer for Those Who Don't Go To Church


Lord, I don't go to church much.

I don't go at all...well, I go at Christmas.

I'm home then.  

I feel drawn to it.

I like the Christmas Eve service,

the coolness of the air.

I feel like a kid again...It's surreal.


I know folks make fun of people like me.

What can I say?  I've drifted...but there is a pull back.

Are You saying something to me?


I hear something in the sermon, sometimes,

but mostly it's the music and the candles.

What is it about those candles?

And the darkness?

The darkness...or it's the light, I suppose.

Light and darkness.


I know about light and darkness.

I live in both.

I've got some of both in me.

I'm basically a good person, but I struggle...

I know about light and  darkness.

But I want to be closer to the light.

I want to light that candle and sing those songs.


And in the dark street shineth, the everlasting light .


I would like to live in that light, Lord.

I would like to meet Jesus.

Maybe what I'm saying is that I would like to be born again...

maybe that's what Christmas really means.