The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow: My 2011 Predictions

Whether it is a "best" or "worst" list, it seems as if everyone is coming out with some list to end 2010 or begin 2011.  So never wanting to be left out, here is my list of predictions for 2011 though you could also just as easily call it the "A boy can dream" or "If Bruce ruled the world" list. Enjoy.

TELEVISION  - Aaron Sorkin will be back on prime time . . . OhWest Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip where have you gone?

FASHION  - The 80's fashion brilliance will come back big time via the bolo tie, simultaneous polo shirts or Miami Vice wear . . . I am not picky.

FASHION II  - People will finally realize that neither Uggs nor Crocs go with everything . . . You know who you are. Please stop.

MOVIES  - Different Strokes, Eight is Enough and/or Mr. Ed will finally be given their proper due and brought to the big screen, starring . . .

TECHNOLOGY  - Folks will continue using phrases like "the twitter" because it's cute and makes me giggle.

POLITICS  - America will finally wake up to the fact that most of our most influential political commentators are simply entertainers with a good writing staff . . . well, all except for Chris Rock who is truly a genius when it comes to race, politics and life.

MUSIC  - Glee will unveil it's new season with shows giving tribute to: Debbie Gibson, The Jets, New Edition or any of the Menudo permutations . . . yes, you heard me right, I said Menudo.

CALIFORNIA  - Northern California will declare our independence and barter our water for only the best of what Southern CA offers: sunshine, The Getty Museum and any movie starring Jessica Alba.

RACE  - Unless someone is really interested in my hometown, I will not be asked any derivation of "So . . . where are you from?" as the FIRST topic of conversation with a stranger.

GOD  - God will begin sending me a series of certified letters, texts or singing telegrams in which I am given explicit instructions about how I am to make decisions about the rest of my life.

SPORTS:  Could also be in the "This one is legit!" category,  The Oakland A's Major League Baseball Club will win the 2011 world series in six games.

But seriously folks . . . for those of you who are the praying to God type, in 2011, my greatest prayer is that we all might discover God's greatest intentions for each of us AND that we might have the courage and faith to live into God's hopes that are so lovingly set before us.

Please feel free to add your own predictions and a happy new year to you all!

[Taken with permission from the blog of the Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow , originally posted 1/1/2011. Follow Bruce on Twitter @breyeschow]