Tragedy in Tucson: An All-Too-Real Parable Unfolding

By the Rev. Laura Rose (UCC)

The tragedy in Tucson this week has brought us once again to the brink of asking all the right questions.  What is it going to take for us to wake up to the truth that hateful and violent speech leads to hateful and violent actions?  A parable has unfolded before our eyes this week. The question is whether we will heed its message.

A democratic congresswoman convened a “Congress on Your Corner” meeting with her constituents and was gunned down.  Democracy at its best is violently under attack and fighting for its life in our world today.

A Federal judge stopped by the rally to thank his colleague across the aisle for their work together on a common goal regarding “border” issues and he is gunned down.  The potential fruits of bi-partisanship left to die on the vine.

A 9-year old girl, just elected to her student council attended the rally with a neighbor to learn more about politics with the hope that one days she could bring people together. Could there be any more light-filled symbol of humanity’s hope for the future than a child seeking to learn about how to participate in the democratic process?

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The Rev. Laura Rose is the senior pastor of First Congregational Church in Alameda, CA, and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.