Dr. Jim Somerville: I'm a Believer

One of my readers sent in this question recently:

Q: How do you know God exists?  (I assume you'd say you know, but maybe that's wrong?).

A: Actually, I DON'T know that God exists.  I've always wanted to meet a card-carrying agnostic so that I could say, "Are you an agnostic?  Me too!" in the sense that I can't know, for certain, beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

What I can do is believe, and that's different.  I believe God exists in the same way I believe love exists, and I couldn't imagine a world without God in it anymore than I could imagine a world without love in it.  If there were such a world, I wouldn't want to live in it! 

But there are some things that confirm my faith, that warm my heart, that give me goosebumps, that make me gasp and say, "It's true!"  And in my job I get to notice those things, take notes on them, and talk about them.

Lucky me.

[Taken with permission from Dr. Jim Somerville's blog. Originally posted Jan. 16, 2011]