The Golden Circle of Being Church

Something that strikes me about this video is that it seems the church knows the “why” of the Golden Circle but does not always know what or how. We know we are called to be in community and serve in response to Christ’s radical love and God’s inexhaustible hospitality. They questions for each of our communities, and each of us as Progressive Christians is What Are We To Do with This Call and How Are We Making a Difference in the World. – what do you think?  

These last two questions are not theoretical, philosophical or theological.  What and How are we actually partnering with God in the World – day to day – living out our Why?  Knowing and being able to articulate all three of the tiers in the Golden Circle not only makes us better at what we do but can draw more people into our communities to help with the work we are about.  

What do you think?  How is your church living out the why?