Ten Tips for Learning More about Money

What's your financial IQ? Most pastors have a lot to learn. Here are ten tips for church leaders for broadening your perspective on money and society:

  1. Read some kind of financial publication, in print or online, at least occasionally. This will help you with your own education as well as keep you in touch with current financial issues. Read a book about financial matters occasionally.

  2. Develop your curiosity about financial matters and the economic system. While it's not your main interest, it affects you and everyone in your church and community.

  3. Connect with financial professionals in your congregation and community. Tell them of your interest in keeping up with the financial issues of the day.

  4. Reserve judgment for a time and consider yourself a learner. While there is clearly a place for a theological critique of our system, it's hard to assess what you don't understand at all.

  5. Find a way to connect face to face with those who have fewer resources than you. Engage with them as a learner not a helper.

  6. Remember that the Bible says "the love of money is the root of all evil," not "money is the root of all evil." Know the difference.

  7. Develop a global perspective on financial matters. Your own denomination's international ministry network can help with this. Don't depend solely on mainstream media.

  8. Accept that you will necessarily be a dabbler in this area. Don't feel the need to be an expert, simply notice information that comes your way.

  9. Study the Scripture with the question of society and money in mind. Jot down notes and questions you have about this matter.

  10. Preach a sermon on money and society occasionally. Share your learning as well as your questions with the congregation.

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