ChurchNext: Chris Yaw interviews David Lose on the Evolution of Preaching

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Preaching, as our weekly opportunity to dazzle them with brilliance or even channel the Almighty, is on the way out says Luther Seminary's preaching instructor David Lose. More and more, he's come to believe the preacher's job is about practically equipping folk to experience God in their everyday lives.

David is a driving force behind the popular website where he challenges preachers not to be lawyers and doctors, but teachers and coaches.

Warning: Viewing this interview may change the way you preach - or the way you think about your preacher! Be blessed by this challenging message from a passionate voice.




David Lose says if taking violin lessons meant attending concerts we'd be great at recognizing outstanding music, but we sure wouldn't know how to play the violin. With this in mind, how, then, should preachers be using not just sermons, but liturgy, to equip the saints? Here are my notes from the interview:

Getting Beyond Rote

People in traditional churches often treat worship like reading a script. Often the only unscripted part of many services is the sermon. How is this golden opportunity being used to really connect people with God?

Reach Out and Touch Them

At the risk of sounding gimmicky, David looks for real ways to connect the Word with the lives of those in the pews: don't just preach on 'blessing' - but have people bless one  another, don't just preach about money, but give everyone a dollar and a charge to be mindful, this week, about how they spend it - and all their money. Surprisingly, people will do and remember.

Churches as Vocational Counseling Centers

Instead of asking if people felt inspired or even touched by Sunday worship, when people leave church, what will they be able to do better? David says it's high time we embrace the teacher and coach that is at the heart of this vocation.

About David Lose

David Lose (rhymes with close) is the Director of the Center for Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary where he also teaches with amazing students and colleagues and, once upon a time, served as Academic Dean. Author of Making Sense of Scripture (2009), Making Sense of the Christian Faith (2010), and Making Sense of the Cross (2011), David writes for the Huffington Post, Patheos, and, which he helped create. You can find his daily bible devotions and other writings and reflections on connecting faith to daily life at "...In the Meantime" ( David speaks throughout the U.S. and abroad on preaching, leadership, Christian faith in a postmodern world, and biblical interpretation. But his favorite thing to do is hang out with his family in St. Paul, MN, where he can play tennis, cross-country ski, mourn the fate of the Vikings, or get wrapped up in a game of Settlers of Catan with his kids.

Books David Recommends

Christianity After Religion - Diana Butler Bass

All Marketers are Liars - Seth Godin

The Art of Immersion - Frank Rose

Sponsors I Mentioned

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