Chris Yaw Interviews Day1's Peter Wallace: The Message of the Mainline

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The well-known voice of the mainline radio program Day 1 revels in the breadth of preachers that are featured on this 67-year old program (formerly known as The Protestant Hour), but hints that the way into the future may not be promoting a particular brand of Christianity - but the One behind it all.

Peter Wallace, who started 11 years ago as executive producer and since 2005 has also served as host, sees the evolution of the mainline growing closer to the person of Jesus and life-changing message versus any particular denomination.

Peter's insights into contemporary mainline preaching are invigorating and help us see more about what Our Lord may be up to as we consider the proclamation of the Word in this inventive age.

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Heard on 200 radio stations, and now on podcasts, videos, and a resource-rich website, Day 1 is weathering the mainline transition with grace and renewed vigor to carry out its mission of bringing dynamic, mainline preaching to the masses. Here are my notes from the interview:

Sermons Are Getting Shorter

Call it a by-product of our sound-byte culture, Peter has noticed sermon length decreasing. And while attention spans may be shortening, could we also be producing lower-quality offerings?

Most Effective Sermons

Peter has witnessed hundreds of sermons being preached and says the most effective are those that transcend mere recitation of a text, and deeply connect, one-on-one, with listeners. Do we preach to crowds or individuals?

Be Open

Peter says it's the number one quality needed by today's Christian leader - to be open-minded and willing to take a chance. Where the Spirit is moving, no one knows, so being willing to follow new avenues is crucial to our flourishing.

About Peter Wallace

The Rev. Peter Wallace is executive producer and host of the national Day1 radio and internet ministry ( and president of the Alliance for Christian Media, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The weekly Day1 radio program, the voice of the mainline churches, is distributed to over 200 radio stations across America and overseas. Peter is the author of eight books, including Connected: You and God in the PsalmsLiving Loved: Knowing Jesus as the Lover of Your Soul; and Out of the Quiet: Responding to God's Whispered Invitations. He has contributed to numerous books, study Bibles, devotional guides, magazines, and other resources, and blogs regularly for Huffington Post Religion. Peter earned a bachelor's degree in journalism/advertising from Marshall University and a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas. He has been a member of The Episcopal Church since 1991. He lives in Atlanta.

Books Peter Recommends

Christianity After Religion - Diana Butler Bass

A Dangerous Dozen: 12 Christians who Threatened the Status Quo but Taught Us to Live Like Jesus - C. K. Robertson

This Odd and Wondrous Calling - Lillian Daniel and Martin Copenhaver

Sponsors I Mentioned

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