Lillian Daniel: Fiat Lux!

Genesis 1:3

"Then God said, 'Let there be light'; and there was light."

Reflection by Lillian Daniel

For our church's 150th anniversary, we celebrated throughout the year in every conceivable way, including turning Pilgrim Hall into a rainbow sparkle-themed disco for one wild and crazy Friday night, where our theme was "Party like a Pilgrim." It wasn't all fun and games, of course. We also worked our way through the gospel of Mark and commissioned several original musical compositions. 

We asked one of the composers to focus on the "God is Still Speaking" campaign and John Robinson's famous historic quote behind it: "There is yet more light and truth to break forth from God's holy word." You can click here to hear and see the piece being performed while you read the words. I hope this beautiful anthem inspires you to go out and be God's light in the world. 

Fiat Lux!

By Jeff Heager


In the beginning, Earth was made bright

When God first decreed that the Heavens ignite saying, "Let there be light!"

Now the Lord tells us we should requite

God is still speaking, let us unite

And carry God's light

Dicit Dominus sit Lux (Let there be light, says the Lord)

Deus locutus est (God is still speaking)

Sit nobis in Lumine (Let there be light in all of us)


Let there be light in our lives today

Let both our tongues and our talents convey we are lighting the way

There is yet more light and truth to break forth from God's Holy word

Do not hide your light under a bushel or let it be obscured

Let your light so shine for others, in your works they will delight

And they'll praise our Lord in Heaven, finding grace in God's sight

Oh, let there be light!

Fiat Lux!


This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Fiat Lux! And Amen.