Chris Yaw Interviews Bishop Andy Doyle: Mission-Mindedness Grows the Church

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Don't be afraid to fail gloriously, says Episcopal Bishop Andy Doyle, of the Diocese of Texas.

He's all about planting new churches in unexpected places, and reinvigorating older congregations through diocesan-wide activities that encourage faith sharing.

In this interview, Bishop Doyle talks about the skills today's Christian leaders need to build healthy congregations, as well as the personal spiritual practices that he uses to maintain health and and vitality.


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Where many people see our post-Christian era one of great challenge and loss, Andy Doyle sees nothing but opportunity. Here are my notes from the interview:

Create Space to Fail

In this time of deep transition in the Church, Andy says Christians need to experiment, which is going to lead to failure, which is not a bad thing. How does your church create an acceptance of both success and failure?

Get Online

Sure everyone's got a computer these days, but Andy says too many congregations are not meeting the full potential of Internet possibilities - which is a mission field ripe for harvest.

Intercession Jump-starts the Spiritual Life

Andy says the most transformative spiritual practice he's recently undertaken is to pray for those around him by name. He says the visualizing and petitioning on behalf of others has brought him to deeper place with God.

About Andy Doyle

Charles Andrew Doyle (Andy) is the ninth Bishop of Texas (Episcopal) and holds degrees from the University of North Texas and Virginia Theological Seminary. He has served at St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Austin, Christ Church, Temple, St. Francis, College Station, Texas, then as canon on the diocesan staff. Bishop Doyle has a particular interest in reaching younger generations. He has training and expertise in mediation as well as multicultural ministry. Bishop Doyle is bilingual and looks forward to responding to an increasingly diverse population in the Diocese of Texas.

Books Andy Recommends

At Home - Bill Bryson

Grace and Practice - Paul Zahl

Fling Out the Banner - Ian Douglas