Chris Yaw Interviews Katherine Douglass: Young Adults Are More Spiritually Aware Than You Think

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Sure the surveys say they don't pray, go to church, or read much of the Bible - but Katherine Douglass says research also shows most young adults are interested in God and growing their faith.

Katie is a PhD candidate at Princeton Seminary where she's discovering how the arts resonate with young adults. She's identified three arenas in which this happens.

In this interview, hear about Katie's research and findings - and what congregations can do to love and care for the young adults in their midst.


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Katie Douglass has love and passion for young adults, and is finding some unique ways they are connecting with God through the arts. Here are my notes from the interview:

Seeking Religion

While they typical attendance/praying/Bible study questions continue to be dismal when it comes to young adult responses - when asked Have you become more or less religious in the last year? - and Are you interested in growing in your faith? -produces emphatic yeses.

Arts Play a Role

Katie's identified three areas in which the arts serve as a medium for faith: Expressing, Connecting, and Opening. The arts continue to mediate the Holy today.

The Best Strategy to Get Young People in Your Church

Katie advises to simply take a young person for coffee. Inquire about their spirituality without trying to win a convert - and you may be surprised and encouraged by what you hear.

About Katherine Douglass

Katherine M. Douglass is a doctoral candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary. Her research focuses on the role that the arts play in the faith lives of young adults. Katie formerly worked as the Associate Pastor for Youth at the American Protestant Church: An International Congregation in Bonn, Germany. Katie enjoys running, sewing, camping, rock climbing and fly fishing with her husband John and son George.

Books Katherine Recommends

All in Sync - Robert Wuthnow

Souls in Transition - Christian Smith

Hipster Christianity - Brett McKracken