Who at Church Gives You Energy?

Who is the person at church who always makes you feel better when you've finished talking with them? The one who is positive, energetic and generally happy. Or the person who is so spiritually grounded you know nothing can shake them. Or the capable church leader who is also willing to let go.

Pastors often spend a lot of time with people who are needy, troubled or unhappy with the church or with their own lives. Dealing with pastoral needs is part of the job, but it can wear you out. And very needy people can be good at getting a lot of your time, to the point where you can find it hard to do the rest of your work.

The healthiest people don't always seek you out in the same way. They don't need to! But it might be worth your time to seek them out more. If you're having struggles in your ministry - and even if you're not - spend more time with the people in your church who are happy and centered. It will help you be more content and have a greater sense of hope. It's not selfish to do this. It's in the best interests of the ministry to give attention to mature people.

Are you spending more time with people who are unhappy than with those who are happy? How can you shift the balance? Make your list of the people at church you want to spend more time with.


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