Bishop Robert Wright: God's Word in the Wilderness

You've got to read Luke 3:1-6!

While the world's leaders are leading, maintaining the status quo with their words, "...the word of God came to John in the wilderness." God's word breaks into the real world and re-describes it; it finds the gaps in our words and breaks in where it can be heard. So what? Our wilderness becomes abundant. Valleys are filled, mountains don't look so large. Life comes again. So filled up by this word, John shares it. When you get a word from God, you just have to share it!

God's word?

Repent. Turn back to Me. Re-imagine your life as I have purposed it. There is a better way. This is not the same as "I love you, now change." This is be who you really are: whole, secure, generous, godly, faithful, kind, healed. Now! Not a demand, a plea. For God's sake. For your sake. The word has come, just like when Moses came to free the captive. (Exodus 14.26) The word has come, just like when Rahab trusted. (Hebrews 11.31) Give in to God's word. Come home to God's word. Know the salvation of God from the inside of your life, until you have to cry out like John.

Taken with permission from the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.