Chris Yaw Interviews Marek Zabrieski: Have Your Church Read the Bible in One Year

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Seems like a no-brainer: have the entire congregation read the Bible in one year.

This was the epiphany Fr. Marek Zabriskie, of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Whitemarsh, PA had - so he mustered his congregation, had them do it, and nowThe Bible Challenge is an international movement.

Marek says transformation is at the heart of the exercise - as it unleashes the power of God through the Scriptures to touch lives like nothing else. Hear this entrepreneur talk about the amazing ways God is renewing the church through Bible reading - and find out how your congregation can participate.


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Marek Zabriskie has been taken with the vision of spreading Bible reading throughout the 80-million strong Anglican Communion. Here are my notes from the interview:

The Best Way to Make Disciples

Hearing it in church once a week (if that) is simply not helpful. Fr. Marek points to research showing the number one way to grow in faith (and help others do so) is to engage in regular Bible reading.

Help People Get Acquainted with a Difficult Book

Fr. Marek says half the people who go into bookstores to purchase a bible, leave without buying one. Too many people have no idea where to start or how to do it - but their congregation can help.

No Better New Year's Resolution

Pitch it to your folks as a spiritual resolution - that's on everyone's bucket list already. Fr. Marek says the program is an effective way to invite non-church members into the life of the church.

About Marek Zabriskie

The Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie has served as rector of St. Thomas' Church in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania since 1999. He holds degrees from Emory University, Yale Divinity School, and Institute Catholique in Paris. In 2011 over 150 parishioners and 85 friends of St. Thomas agreed to read the Bible from cover to cover.  He is now working with a national advisory board composed of bishops, seminary deans, scholars, authors and lay leaders from across the country to launch the Center for Biblical Studies, which will promote reading the Bible from cover to cover in mainline churches across the country and throughout the Anglican Communion.  Marek has written for several Episcopal publications and is working on a book about ethics.  He is married and has three daughters Emily, Marguerite and Isabelle.

Books Fr. Marek Recommends

Move - Parkinson and Hawkins

The Art of Reading Scripture - Ellen Davis, ed

Christian Wisdom - David Ford