Darkwood Brew: Hope: A Pessimist's Guide, Part 2


Taken with permission from DarkwoodBrew.org

What's the point? Who cares? Who knows? If you've ever felt this way, the folks at Darkwood Brew go deep into hope for a world that so often feels hopeless.

In  Hope: A Pessimist's Guide , the Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes and Scott Russell Sanders, who wrote the book Hunting for Hope, explore different facets of hope in this 8-part series, presented here on Day1.org over 8 days leading into the new year.

Each episode includes an interview with Scott Russell Sanders, as well as interviews with guests such as Richard Foster, Phyllis Tickle, Carrie Newcomer, and Bob Ravenscroft, world-class jazz music, and maybe even the unexpected.

In Part 2, Eric Elnes and Patrick Swanson discuss the wildness of hope. Watch BELOW.


Hope: A Pessimist's Guide, Part 2: Wildness Featuring Patrick Swanson and Scott Russell Sanders from Darkwood Brew on Vimeo.