Bishop Rob Wright: Like the Wise Men

This year, be like the three wise men:


1. Take a new journey, the purpose of which is only to pay homage to the Child King. The star was just the herald. The so what of the star was to lead those who would follow to see the new thing God was doing and to rightfully give honor. That is always the journey for us, choosing paths that will lead us to see the Child King and to give in response.


2. Ask your questions. Jesus' birth prompted people, kings and wise men to ask questions. Questions about God and God's ways are prompts from the Holy Spirit to focus so faith might increase. Questions about God mean that we have divine curiosity, an internal longing to be in closer relationship. What is the question God has placed on your heart? Study, pray, get it answered this year.


3. Don't stop short. The wise men traveled some 1,000 miles from their home to Jerusalem. But it was the next 10 miles to Bethlehem that gave them their hearts' desire. They didn't stop short. Sometimes we get so close to our next epiphany only to give up or get discouraged. Don't stop short of your heart's desire. Don't faint for fear. Be confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion... until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1.6


Happy New Year!


Used by permission. Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA.