Bishop Rob Wright: Just a Moment

On the day Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended and God spoke. It was one of those life-changing moments, where God is so close. We have had those kinds of moments. When was your last one?  

God moments make all the other moments of our life possible: faithful moments, patient moments, forgiving moments, generous moments. All are born of having those intimate moments with God, in those incredible moments we know God is real. And, we hear out of the silence loving and affirming words like "you are my well beloved child, in you I am well pleased."  

Hearing that in the silence, song or scripture changes everything. God's gentleness and positivity infects us, and we begin to generate gentleness and positivity toward others in response. This profound moment of God's nearness was all Jesus had to face the wilderness and the devil. It was enough. It is enough for us.

Taken with permission. Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA.