Bishop Rob Wright: Above the Law

"Is it lawful for a man to divorce a woman?" they asked Jesus. Without missing a beat Jesus quotes the law: "Moses gave you a writ of divorce because your hearts are hard." In Georgia, we call it "irretrievable brokenness."

I wish more of us who consider divorce would also consider that you and your beloved may not be done, only stuck!   Sometimes, stuck looks like done. There is a level of connectivity that exists beyond our power to break it. There is something about the "I love you's" we say that gets written on the stationery of eternity. I think that's why Paul said "love never fails." (1 Cor.13.8) This is spirit talk.  

Legally we have the right to renounce relationships. And many of us have, for the cause of injury or infidelity, or just because "we have lost that loving feeling." It is also true that were it not for the horror of having gone through divorce, some us would have never really come to know the mercy of God, the love of a friend and the comfort of our faith.

Why is Jesus so forthright about divorce?   Because an indivisible love is what he came to embody. It's a love that finds its way through thorns and nails. I think Jesus is so forthright about divorce because, despite our offenses, He refuses to divorce us. 

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