Bishop Rob Wright: 5 Days Left


Everybody wants a mountaintop experience with God, that shining moment of bliss and wholeness. But look at Jesus' life and you'll see that plain things like his baptism and prayer brought him to life-changing intimacy with God, ...while he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white.  Luke 9:29


With God, miraculous moments are often born of mundane practices: Stillness. Service to neighbor. Generosity born of compassion. In just five days we will begin the season of Lent. I love Lent; I find it so pregnant with spiritual possibility. I beg you, let this Lent be more than the exercise of willpower, refraining from sweets and such, or the performance of somberness.


Let this Lent be guided by the daily saying of some prayer like this: I offer myself to you God, mind, body, soul, calendar, checkbook, brokenness, strengths, fears and confidences. God, shine through me.  


Maybe that was Jesus' prayer at his mountaintop.


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