Bishop Rob Wright: An Ash Wednesday Meditation

"Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return." These words don't have to frighten us; these words can bring new life.  We are dust, we are finite, and God alone is infinite.  This truth brings liberation.  How? 

  1. We could fall in love with God again.  Give up our idols.  Deeply marvel at God's genius and the capacity God has given us.  "We are his for he made us," (Ps. 100.3)   made to bloom for a season and then return home. 

  2. We could live now with the confidence that we will live forever, trusting that gives a fear-replacing joy.  

  3. Being dust, we don't have to act like God; we can say no to over controlling our lives, situations and other people.  Harmony is possible. 

  4. We don't have to hoard things being dust.  Where we are going, there's no need for stuff.  We can share better now knowing this. 

  5. Realizing our finite nature, we can prioritize those passions and gifts that God has given us rather than waiting for some day.  God is glorified by us being fully alive now. God breathes life into dust. And though we are dust, God makes beautiful things out of dust.

Say yes again.


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