Chris Yaw Interviews Andrew Holmes: Exploring the Role of Entertainment in Worship

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Ordained Methodist, PhD candidate, and USA Messy Church coordinator Andrew Holmes ponders the role of 'fun' when it comes to Christian worship - and at the end of the day he's in favor of it.

Holmes, who cites numerous Scripture texts suggesting the playfulness of God, is also writing his doctoral dissertation (St. John's, Durham UK) on technology in Protestant worship. Hear the words of this seasoned clergyman who thinks churches miss out when they avoid lightheartedness.


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Andrew Holmes thinks 'joy' is underrated as a fruit of the Spirit - and is looking to inspire it in Christian worship. Here are my notes from the interview:

God Created Us to Have Fun

Citing the numerous festivals among the ancient Israelites and Jesus' first miracle, at a wedding reception, Andrew believes the church does well to examine the God-given calling we all have to play.

Introducing Messy Church

Though maligned by some as a Vacation Bible School on steroids, with little resembling traditional worship, Andrew is quick to point out the incredible success it has had at bringing formerly unchurched people into the church.

Do You Use Visual Media Technology?

You should, says Andrew, but only if it fits your context. In fact, the best uses of VMT occur when local, highly contextual messages, are communicated.

About Andrew Holmes

Before entering full time ministry Andrew worked in a technical capacity for professional theatre, broadcast television and law enforcement agencies. Now he is an ordained Methodist minister in the UK Conference and living in Indianapolis.

Before moving to the United States Andrew served four Methodist churches in the North East of England. As part of his ministry he established a very successful Messy Church and assisted other churches to set up their own Messy Church. Andrew is acting as the Messy Church Regional Coordinator for the United States and is completing his doctoral degree from Durham University (UK) where he is researching the impact of Visual Media Technology in Protestant Worship.  Prior to leaving the UK Andrew devised and planned the 'ARK project' in Crawcrook, a church building that is designed to draw people of all ages together in worship and ministry around the theme of play. With the funding now in place the building work is starting and it is hoped that the church will open early in 2013. Andrew lives in Indianapolis with his wife Carolyn Scanlan-Holmes, who is Senior Pastor at Avon Christian Church and he has three grown children David, Alison and Fiona.

Books Andrew Recommends

Liturgical for a Media Culture for a  - Eileen Crowley

Transformational Church - Thom Rainer

Good to Great - Jim Collines