Bishop Rob Wright: Lent 2013: Toward


When God is moving inside of you, you move toward God in the world. That's Palm Sunday in a nutshell.  

Jesus had to go to Jerusalem. It was the logical next step. Not to go was to frustrate grace, surrender the peace that comes with divine purpose and capitulate to fear. Where do you have to go for God?  

We talk a lot about journey in the Episcopal Church, and we should, but sometimes it is about the destination. God places are all around us. We go to these places because we are "prisoners of hope." Zechariah 9:12 And, hope will drive us to the places it is most needed, if we say yes to it.  

Jesus entered the city on a donkey, just like his mother did 33 years before. Something inside of them moved them to move forward in hope rather than to sit in indifference.  

Their faithfulness fuels ours. Who is sustained by your faithfulness?  

Say yes to God destinations.  


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