Bishop Rob Wright: More Than Fish


Jesus died and Peter returned to fishing. Back to an old version of himself. Leading people, but only to fish-less waters. Catching nothing, but busy at it! Into this frustrated disappointment comes Jesus, risen. He guides Peter toward fish, more fish than he could have imagined. (John 21.1-19)


But Peter needs more than fish. So do we. Peter needs a cycle broken. A new norm. So do we! Peter could have hid among the fish for the rest of his days. Fish are one thing; shame and guilt are another. Guilt: I have done something bad. Shame: I am something bad. Peter probably felt both.


In a moment after a meal Jesus guides Peter to his better self. Much more than he had ever met in himself. A self that knows forgiveness for guilt and divine purpose for shame.


O how this Jesus looks beyond our faults and sees our needs!


Taken with permission from the Diocese of Atlanta.