Bishop Rob Wright: A Psalm for the Living (Psalm 23) -


We pray Psalm 23, mostly, when people die. But it's much more a psalm for the living!


Just listen: guidance that erases wants, right paths for the feet, soul restoration, fear dispelling companionship, even in death's valley! Feasts in plain view of enemies and well-being that feels like a cup overflowing. Goodness and mercy not just "following us" -- that's way too passive. Actually, incredibly, "goodness and mercy pursuing us," that's the better translation. Psalm 23.6  


We, the living, need Psalm 23 this week in particular. The dead are with God, in a place where there is "no sighing, sorrow or tears." Rev. 21:4


But we, the living, need to remember: evil is cold, small, desperate and pitiful. Evil, though it rages, has already lost. Evil had minutes in Boston and in countless places around the world this week, but he knows forever belongs to God.


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