Bishop Rob Wright: How to Be Christian with other Faiths


How are we to be -- in a climate of relativism, amongst the spiritual -- with nonbelievers and with believers of every stripe? St. Paul says, "Live a life worthy of your calling." Ephesians 4:1


God has met us through baptism into Jesus' life, death and resurrection. By Jesus' ministry we are in touch with the divine heart. This is our truth, and the center of our joy. No reason for rancor. We share our adoration for God listening carefully for God's good news in others, whether they use our words or not. Jesus has "...sheep that are not of our fold." John 10:16   So, we resist arrogance.


Jesus calls us to believe with integrity and love without distinction. That's how he did it!   Our certainty is: God is love, our understanding of truth is evolving, and we are a human family.


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